Portfolio: Technical translations - Environment

Updated: Apr 27

This post is simply a way to complement my Portfolio and give potential clients a sample of my work.

The first one was translated from Brazilian Portuguese to English and addresses the socio-environmental impact of free trade agreements among economic blocks and the absence of society's participation in their discussion.

The second is about the expansion of electrical infrastructure and policies in Brazil under the Bolsonaro administration. It was a pleasure to do this work and I'm glad to share it.

The third is a report about economic decisions taken under the Bolsonaro administration from 2019 to 2021.

1. Translation PT(BR)>EN - Position Paper

Source PTBR

Acordos de Livre Comércio Inter-Regionais - Documento de posição - "Análise da cláusula ambiental nos acordos de livre comércio entre Mercosul e UE e Mercosul e EFTA" - Adhemar S. Mineiro. Link Translated EN

Interregional Free Trade Agreements - Position Paper - "Analysis of the environmental clause in the free trade agreements between Mercosur and the EU and Mercosur and EFTA" - by Adhemar S. Mineiro. Link

2. Translation PT(BR)>EN - Policy Brief

Source PTBR

"Expansão elétrica e energética: avanços, riscos e limitações das trajetórias propostas" - Série: Monitorando a NDC brasileira sob o presidente Bolsonaro - autor: Pedro Bara Neto. Link

Translated EN

"Electrical and energy expansion: improvements, risks and limitations of the proposed trajectories" - Series: Monitoring the Brazilian NDC under President Bolsonaro - by Pedro Bara Neto. Link

3. Proofreading PT(BR) - Technical Report

Source PTBR

A conta do desmonte – Balanço do Orçamento Geral da União 2021. Link